Bilbao Interior Designer Jose Arroyo arrives to Madrid

Jose Arroyo has more than 20 years of experience in the field of interior design. Through the years, he has developed discotheques, shops, restaurants and houses in the Basque Country, and now he arrives in Madrid with new projects.

Alternatively to set fashion and trends, Jose Arroyo’s accomplishments are highlighted by his own values, without surpluses or ostentations. “Little matters the style, I like eclecticism. The important thing is volume, space and light “

Jose Arroyo has always lived surrounded by an environment of design, related to the world of furniture. His father, carpenter by profession, was the one to, somehow, influenced him towards the world of interior design. “My career has been marked by important endeavors that have often been decisive.”

After training as an interior architect at Leonardo da Vinci IADE and having the experience as fabric designer at Gastón & Daniela, with just over twenty years of age, he began a professional career that led him to develop projects in both the restoration and the residential worlds.